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Surprising Benefits of Baby Sign

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

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Benefits of Introducing Baby Sign

Let's talk about the WHY in baby sign! What are the really good reasons to introduce baby sign with your child?...

1. IMPROVED COMMUNICATION ABILITIES: Baby sign can help to improve your child's communication skills by giving them gestures and simple signs that they can use to augment their verbal communication. Some studies have even linked the early ability to use gestures to improved vocabulary skills later in childhood (Lederer).

2. DECREASED FRUSTRATION: A recent study found that half of toddlers between 18-24 months who had language delays were also in the range of clinical concern for behavioral problems (Thrum et al).   The scary subtext: your child may act out and utilize negative behaviors to communicate with you if they don't have another way.  Baby sign can be an important tool to help children express themselves while they are still developing verbal communication skills.

3. MORE RESPONSIVE CAREGIVERS: Studies have also shown that parents who use baby sign with their children become more responsive to their child's subtle attempts to communicate (Kirk et al). This led to parents encouraging their child to communicate more- a beautiful cycle for improving communication!

Combined, these benefits of baby sign can help you to establish more successful and positive  daily interactions with your child! For baby sign FREEBIES, additional information, and sources on this topic, visit: https://www.mommyandmemilestones.com/babysignhandbook

Happy Signing!

Laura Brown, MA, CCC-SLP

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