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Join the First 50 Words course and learn my signature four-step framework for teaching your child their first 50 spoken words.  Registration will re-open on January 13th, 2022.  Enter your email below to join the waitlist!

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As much as I wish they did...

First words do not just magically arrive one day.

Children need to move through many pre-requisite skills before they are ready to acquire an abundance of spoken language.  

Trying to navigate this process often leaves us feeling confused and overwhelmed. 

Let me help simplify this for you!

In this course, you will learn the exact steps to follow to help your child say their first 50 words.  Fifty tends to be the number where things really start to click.  Right around when a child is able to say 50 words, they start adding new words each day and combining words to make phrases. 

I want to help you get to this magical number!

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Bite-Size Lessons

These easily digestible video modules were created with the busy parent in mind. I will walk you step-by-step through my first words framework. Each mini-lesson covers a specific topic within the framework and most are under five minutes long!

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Detailed Handouts

The Parent Workbook features 50 pages of printable handouts to go with each lesson and includes detailed examples of how to incorporate each strategy into your daily routine in order to support language development and get your child talking!

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Individual Support

In the exclusive Facebook Group for course participants, you'll receive instructor support via six weeks of guided learning. You can ask questions about course content, access bonus lessons, and attend the live Q&A for additional feedback.


SLP Testimonial

Liz, pediatric SLP

This course is PERFECT for all early intervention speech therapists.  As a seasoned speech therapist myself, I was so impressed with how comprehensive this course was and how much I learned. Laura’s four step framework makes the “road to first words” extremely clear, and I will without a doubt be using her framework with parents in my speech sessions. My favorite parts of the course were the visuals provided, as well as the example videos of Laura implementing the strategies with her little one- so helpful! I could not recommend this course enough!


Parent Testimonial

Brittany, mom of two

Laura’s ‘50 First Words’ course is a must-have if you have questions, concerns or just need ideas for how to encourage your baby’s language development! The course is broken down into short modules, all packed full of easy-to-implement tips. I love that her tips take into account real-life and she shows you how to incorporate language into your daily routine, nothing fancy needed!

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