Communication Milestone Checkpoints

Think of these as a blueprint for building your child's language skills!

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Communication Milestone Checkpoint:

3-6 months

Your baby is ready to experience the world! Interact with them using their sense of sight, sound, and touch.  Read, sing, and talk to your baby frequently. Spend time face to face with your baby looking into their eyes.  Don't forget the early favorites! Peek-a-boo, So Big!, and Lap Bounces are great for this age!


Communication Milestone Checkpoint:

6-9 months

Your baby is ready to engage! Pay attention to your what your baby is telling you with their eye gaze and other nonverbal cues.  Encourage your baby to interact with you by engaging in fun play on the floor and helping them explore their environment.


Communication Milestone Checkpoint:

9-12 months

Your baby is ready to communicate!  They know what they want and they are making it known :)  Incorporate gestures into your daily routines to teach your baby the foundations of communication.  Practicing imitation skills during play activities and in songs will give way to those treasured first words!


Communication Milestone Checkpoint:

12-15 months

Your baby is becoming an effective communicator, using many gestures and a few words to interact with you and get their needs met.  Sometimes it may sound as if your child is speaking another language!  This "jargon" is an advanced form of babbling.  This is totally normal and will slowly fade as your child gets older and learns to say more words.


Communication Milestone Checkpoint:

15-18 months

Your baby is learning fast at this age! You may notice they are trying to imitate A LOT, watching and copying many things you do.  They may be trying to join in on chores around the house and even attempting to say some of the words you say.  You are on the cusp of a vocabulary explosion, so take the time to teach your child new words and read to them frequently!  


Communication Milestone Checkpoint:

18-24 months

You have a toddler on your hands  :)
Your child's language skills are growing by leaps and bounds!  They are learning new words every day and starting to combine those words for phrases.  While kiddos may be talking a lot, it is still totally normal for parents to have trouble understanding some words.  Children at this stage are about 50% intelligible on average.  Your child can understand a lot at this age and should be able to follow 1 and 2 step directions.


Communication Milestone Checkpoint:


24-30 months

Videos for these milestones coming soon!


Communication Milestone Checkpoint:

30-36 months

Videos for these milestones coming soon!


Communication Milestone Checkpoint:

36-48 months

Videos for these milestones coming soon!


More Coming Soon!

This project is growing with my sweet son, Archer.
We will be starting 24-30 months soon!


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